Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I have a very strong opinion in regards to mustaches. I don't like them. I think they are dirty and gross but I have to admit when you see all the boys in my family together with their mustaches its pretty funny. They decided to grow them for Christmas this year.


Kelly's isn't real josh brought that mustache just in case someone needed it.





Phoebe wins the prize I think.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Christmas Pictures

We had so much fun on our trip. Sorry for the amount of pictures in this post. I have a tendency to take way to many photos.

Laney and Axel

Erik decided to join them

Skyler and Neeley

Neeley and I always wanted to have babies at the same time so its pretty cool that it actually happened.

Spencer and Skyler just chillin


Erik and Skyler

Granny and Pappa with the babies

Erik and Uncle Josh

We went sledding on a freezing day. It was so much fun. there wasn't alot of snow but it was great anyway.

All the girl cousins together

Neeley and Eli and Laney

Alaina and Erik with Granny

Me and Nee

We are at the elementary school just getting some fresh air

Rock Band. So fun

My bro. Kelly and Laney

Me and Mommy

Rock Band. Erik is a Big fan of the Ramones

Laney loves her new little stuffed animal. It went right into her mouth.

Erik got a tent this year for Christmas from Spencer's parents. He loves it.

Laney loves her new toys


Erik had so much fun being Joseph. He loved playing with Skyler.

Phoebe and Me

Christmas day we just lay around and watch movies it is so nice to do nothing every once in a while.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Break!!!

We had so much fun spending our Christmas break in Colorado. We were there for a little over three weeks. It was really great being in the mountains and playing in the snow with our family. I love Colorado and miss it already. I have tons of pictures of our trip, so these are just the begining.

We were on our way to the mountains to play in the snow.

There wasn't alot of snow were we went but it was enough and everyone had fun.

This is me with my brother Kelly.

Spencer's Christmas present from me this year was a night away. We left the kids with my parents and went to downtown Denver to eat and walk around 16th Street. It was really fun to be back there because that was were Spencer proposed to me.
the next day we slept in and went to Boulder and to a movie. It was a nice little get away.

A picture on the bench where Spencer popped the question!