Friday, November 6, 2009

I Love My Family!!

I love my little family. I am really grateful for everyday that I get to spend with them. They are the best.

Ashley thank you for those beautiful photographs I am in love with them. You are so talented.

I took this picture when we were in Az. Erik was looking out for his sister and being such a big helper to me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween in Pheonix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week the kids and I were in Arizona because my Grandmother passed away. We had a good visit with my family it was nice to all be together. While we were there we celebrated Halloween. It was really fun. We missed Spencer but the kids had a really great time carving pumpkins and trick or treating with their cousins.
Erik and Laney got ALOT of candy. Erik did not want to let go of his bucket at the end of the night. he loved holding it.
My little Zombie fell asleep.

Erik was a dinosaur

They were starting to zone out while we were trick or treating.

On friday we carved pumpkings with my mom before she left to go back to Colorado. Erik helped for about 10 min. then he went to watch a movie on the love sak I looked over at him about 2 min. later and he was fast asleep.

I love this picture. It looks like the dinosaur ate him and Eriks head is sticking out of its mouth.
he fell asleep at 4pm and wouldn't wake up until the morning. He was so tired.

My little zombie.

So here's the story of why my little princess is a zombie for halloween. A couple of months ago I was at the park with some of our friends and we were talking about halloween and what our kids were going to dress up as. I wasn't sure, I thought Erik would probably be a dinosaur and Laney a lady bug. Suprise...Suprise...right (erik is obsessed with dinosaurs and Laney's nick name is laney bug). Well as we were talking Laney was walking around us (still wobbly from learning how to walk) with her arms stait out in front of her and her eyes big and wide. Some of my friends were saying that she looked like a zombie and it made us all laugh so we decided that it would be really funny if she was a zombie for halloween.

We had a blast and are at this time working really hard at consuming all the candy that we have collected.