Sunday, August 31, 2008

Preparing for Hurricane Gustav!

Hey, all. We haven't updated our blog for a little while and there are some important events that have occurred in the past month we want to share with y'all (including moving to Baton Rouge, LA). But those will wait for a little bit longer.

In case some of you were wondering, we are scheduled to receive a category 3-4 hurricane late tonight or tomorrow morning. Its supposed to be a pretty intense storm. We are about as prepared as we can be at this point. We have plenty of water, a good amount of food stored and means to cook it in the event of the power going out for several days (which we are being told is very likely). We will tape up our windows (plywood is more protective, but we dont have any). But if you tape asterisks on the window panes with masking tape, if the window breaks, the glass will at least stay together and not shatter leaving the interior of the house exposed to the storm. We have also filled our bathtub with water so that we can continue to use our toilets when/if the water goes out.

The front yard of our house has two very large trees and Erik's room is on that side of the house. So we will be camping out in our far back room as far away from potentially fallen limbs/trees for safety. Its a good thing we like each other, especially since we'll be spending so much time together over the next few days in close quarters.

School has been cancelled for Tuesday and potentially longer. We have not been ordered to evacuate at this time and are not expecting to. We would only go if the evacuation order was mandatory, but really dont know where we would go. Probably up North into Mississippi or something. If we have electricity, we will try to post updates on our blog.

Wish us luck!